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Tony and Simon Cornish.



Studio 5131 inc hardscaping & Cloakroom.

Add a cloakroom, kitchen cabinet, sink and double outlet for your coffee maker from £2000

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Need a couple of Bespoke Drawings 

plan 3d views showing shower room - use drawing shown above!

Showers, Kitchenette for our coffee maker

Saniflo Macerator for difficult situations 22 and 28mm or32mm outlets

Add picture for Roof and floor structure


·         What are the payment terms?

o    25% when the order is placed.

o    25% on completion of the foundations.

o    40% on completion of the structure, doors and windows.

o    10% on completion of the build.

o    We also offer a 30 day retention.

·         Will the garden room add value to my property?

Our buildings are built to a high specification and will last for 50+ years, they are permanent buildings and will add between 80% > 100% of their cost price to the value of your property.

·         How much will my garden room cost?

We do not have a standard product because each garden room is bespoke. The price varies on the design you choose, the amount of windows and doors, distance from your property etc. After an initial telephone conversation we can provide you with a guide price and offer a site survey, from which we will prepare a full quotation. We have provided some budget costs, take a look at the Popular Question section in “Our Buildings”.

·         Can I have a toilet/shower room?

Yes a toilet and/or shower can be added, we will do the trench work for foul and water services together with all connections to manhole as required.  Building regulations will be required for all connections to mains services, we arrange this on your behalf.

·         What is the lead-time?

Our current lead time is 4-6 weeks from placement of order.

Building Regulations do NOT apply if:

o    The internal area is less than 15m2.

o    If the Internal area is less than 30m2 and is not within 1 metre of the boundary.

Building Regulations DO apply if:

o    If you require a toilet, shower or basin to be connected to mains services.

o    If it is self-contained or a living accommodation.

o    If the building is 30m2 or over.

What to expect from a Site Survey

We offer a comprehensive, no obligation Site Survey.

Before this takes place we have an initial conversation over the telephone so that we can provide you with a guide price, based on size.

During the site survey we will discuss your exact needs, give you lots of advice and ideas to ensure your Garden Room sits in the correct place in your garden.  We will evaluate the site, review access and check the manhole if connections are required for toilet etc.

We can build 500mm from the boundaries and even design the building so that it fits into the shape of your garden, minimising the loss of valuable garden space. Tapered backs to follow the fence line are our speciality.

After the site survey we will provide you with 3D computer generated visuals, which can be amended until you are happy with the final design.

Once you are happy with the design of your garden room we provide a detailed quotation for your perusal.

Design Process

We provide a full design service to ensure your garden room meets all your requirements and expectations, to create you the perfect Garden Room.

We work closely with you to incorporate your design ideas including size, shape, style. We will discuss all the options regarding cladding choices available, colour schemes, flooring choices and plan the windows/doors to maximise natural light coming into the building.  We can add shower rooms, toilets and kitchenettes as required.

We can assist in designing the internal layout and provide visuals showing how your furniture fits into the space created.


What are the advantages of a concrete base :-

  • A reduced dig creates an internal floor to ceiling height of 2.15 metres

  • There is no void under the building avoiding nesting rats and foxes

  • No decking is required outside the room to cover the void area, so if you wish you can step straight from your garden room onto the lawn, this saves you the additional expense of decking and avoids ongoing maintenance of the skirting around the building and the decked area.

  • As there are no pockets of cold air under the building there is less heat loss.

  • A great solution for a site on a steep gradient.

  • A concrete base, we believe this is the best form of construction for a permanent building.

  • Reinforcing the foundation with rebar has a high compressive strength.

  • Great for rooms which require a stable base ie. gym, weight training, dance studio – a concrete base avoids the bouncy floor effect.

You will never see decking around an Executive Garden Room, our rooms are 100mm above ground level so you can step directly out onto grass, paving or stone. Why pay extra for decking when it has a short life span and becomes an ice rink in the winter.