Garden Room

Planning Permission is generally not  required for our standard designs.


Waterproof baseboard installed at ground level maintaining timber cladding 150mm above ground level - stops timber cladding from getting wet with the potential to prematurely rot away. 

Insulation to be installed in floor, walls and roof.

Concrete Base Our Reinforced concrete base costs a little more, however - no timber - no rot.

Concrete base is included in the price

A concrete base helps stops your garden office from being affected by ground moisture which can be detrimental to your timber garden room. If water finds its way into your garden room, it can cause serious damage.


Upgrades and additional items.

If we have not shown the upgrade you want please give us a call. we are interested in anything that will improve our garden rooms and will endevour to do our best to satisfy your requirements.


Internal Finish:

All  buildings are finished with a quality plaster skim finish and 2 coats of emulsion as standard.

We are also keen to hear your ideas regarding your preferred internal wall finish, whether it be anything from a driftwood wall to a beech ply wall covering please discuss with your designer.

Your building will also come fully wired and certified by a qualified electrician with the number of sockets for power, TV and internet configurable to suit your needs.

Standard Specifications


Concrete Base

Full Installation including excavation of  topsoil on a level site to a depth of  200mm is included in the price.

Removal of all topsoil containing roots and vegetation and prepare a suitable bearing surface.

If site is not  level price to be confirmed after site visit.

1200 gauge Damp Proof Membrane. (as used on extensions)

150mm concrete slab with steel reinforcement

50 to 75mm Type 1 hardcore

75 mm Celotex

22mm T&G flooring.


1)    15mm Plasterboard and Plaster.

2)   47 x 95mm Sawn Treated Studs.

    All timber studs, screwed, not nailed, together.

3)   500 gauge Vapour Control Membrane

4)    75mm Celotex. - (Equivalent to 120mm Rockwool)

5)    9mm OSB3 sheets fixed to studs.

6)    Breathable membrane.

7)    25 x 50mm Batttens.

8)    Timber Cladding - Grade A Siberian Larch

Walls and ceilings

Professionally plaster-boarded and plastered.


Firestone EPDM Roof Covering.  Firestone provides a 10 year material warranty - although Firestone do claim the membrane  has a life expectancy of more the 50 years.

Breathable membrane

47 x 145 Sawn Treated  Roof Joists

75mm Celotex. (Equivalent to 120mm Rockwool

500 gauge Vapour Control Membrane

15mm Plasterboard and Plaster

150mm Soffits to sides and  rear.

850mm Overhang to front with soffit. For  Office / Studio / Bi-Fold 3131, 4131 and 5131

150mm Overhang  Soffit for 3122

Windows and Doors

Anthracite or White double glazed upvc windows and doors. Guaranteed for 10 years


4 Double outlet sockets.

2 Light Switches .

6 Interior down-lights.

Exterior down-lights. Number of lights as shown on home page.

1 Consumer Unit.

Timber cladding 

Standard timber cladding is  Grade A Siberian Larch.

Siberian Larch is highly valued for its remarkable properties. It is strong and durable, possessing unusually high levels of resin giving the heartwood a natural resistance to decay. With its lustrous golden brown colour and striking grain patterns it has a highly attractive appearance.


Exterior render 

2 coat rendered finish  with reinforcement mesh.

Render to be 2 coats cement / lime / sand 1:1:6 mix and to comply with BS5262; 1991. First coat 8-10 mm thick, second coat less than 8 mm thick for plain float finish or 8-11 mm thick for a textured finish.

Cost of Heating Example:

Example|: For the 'Office 5131' the area weighted u-value is 0.427 W/m2.K

The total area of the roof, walls and roof is 67.3m2

The heat loss through the floor walls and roof is therefore

0.427 x 67.3 =28.7 Watts per degree difference in temperature between outside and inside the office.

Its freezing outside and you need a comfortable 20° inside - the watts required would be 28.7 x 20 = 574 Watts

A 1 kilowatt electric fire would be more than adequate in these freezing conditions.


We are happy to provide area weighted u value calculations for your design.


Guttering, down-pipe and water-butt included.



Upgrades and additional items

Add a cloakroom to your garden room.



Timber decking or hardscaping.

We recommend hardscaping - (Patio slabs, brick walls and brick steps etc). 

Why pay extra for decking when it has a short life span and becomes an ice rink in the winter.

Electric connection to house.

We  would be happy to  provide you with an electric connection from your house to your  garden office.

The price will be confirmed to you after a site visit.



We are also happy to provide you with a connection to the internet at additional cost. 


We would recommend using the ‘devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Add-On Powerline Adapter’


  • Perfect Wi-Fi, at speeds up to 300 Mbps, the optimal connection for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

  • devolo exclusive range+ Technology provides considerably further range and stability and makes the dLAN 550+ WiFi the most powerful dLAN adapter in the 500 Mbps class.

  • Plugs straight into a wall socket

  • Secure encryption at the push of a button for maximum data security.Easily connects PCs, smart TVs and game consoles.

  • Set up in a flash: unpack, plug in, done.

  • Standard Warranty 3 years



Prices for painting and staining cladding, Labour and Materials are:

Office, Studio and Bi-Fold Studio    3122        (Internal Only -  £450)     (Internal and External - £670)

Office, Studio and Bi-Fold Studio    3131         (Internal Only - £520)      (Internal and External - £880)

Office, Studio and Bi-Fold Studio    4131         (Internal Only - £590)      (Internal and External - £970)

Office, Studio and Bi-Fold Studio    5131         (Internal Only - £640)      (Internal and External - £1070)

The internal prices are based on one mist coat and two top coats to ceiling and walls.

The external prices for timber are based on  using Osmo  Oil Woodstain to the colour of your choice.

The external prices for a rendered finish is base on using Sandtex exterior paint.


Upgrade from water butt.

Rain water Soakaway including 5 metre drain run

Price to be confirmed after the site visit.



We are happy to organise the installation of any security system you may need.

Planning Permission -is not normally required for our standard designs however we

we can obtain Planning Permission and Building Control Approval, if required.

Your bespoke design may need Planning Permission - and in some cases Building Control Approval.
We are a design & build company experienced in making these applications and would be happy to do these for you if required.

Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

  • No outbuilding on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

  • Outbuildings and garages to be single storey with maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of four metres with a dual pitched roof or three metres for any other roof.

  • Maximum height of 2.5 metres in the case of a building, enclosure or container within two metres of a boundary of the curtilage of the dwellinghouse.

  • No verandas, balconies or raised platforms (a platform must not exceed 0.3 metres in height)

  • No more than half the area of land around the "original house" would be covered by additions or other buildings.

  • In National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites the maximum area to be covered by buildings, enclosures, containers and pools more than 20 metres from the house to be limited to 10 square metres.

  • On designated land buildings, enclosures, containers and pools at the side of properties will require planning permission.

  • Within the curtilage of listed buildings any outbuilding will require planning permission.

  • *The term "original house" means the house as it was first built or as it stood on 1 July 1948 (if it was built before that date). Although you may not have built an extension to the house, a previous owner may have done so.

  • *Designated land includes national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites.

  • Please note: The permitted development allowances described here apply to houses and not to:

  • Flats and maisonettes (view our guidance on flats and maisonettes

  • Converted houses or houses created through the permitted development rights to change use (as detailed in our change of use section

  • Other buildings

  • Areas where there may be a planning condition, Article 4 Direction or other restriction that limits permitted development rights.

Building Regulations

If you want to put up small detached buildings such as a garden shed or summerhouse in your garden, building regulations will not normally apply if the floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres and contains NO sleeping accommodation.

If the floor area of the building is between 15 square metres and 30 square metres, you will not normally be required to apply for building regulations approval providing that the building contains NO sleeping accommodation and is either at least one metre from any boundary or it is constructed substantially of non-combustible materials.

This section provides you with general information to help you comply with the Building Regulations when constructing a new outbuilding within the boundaries of an existing property, such as:

  • garage or carport

  • summerhouse or shed

  • greenhouse

Building a new garage attached to an existing home would normally need building regulations approval.

Building a new attached carport (open on at least two sides) would not normally require building regulations approval if it is less than 30 square metres in floor area.

Building a detached garage of less than 30 square metres floor area would not normally need building regulations approval if:

  • the floor area of the detached garage is less than 15 square metres.

  • the floor area of the garage is between 15 square metres and 30 square metres, provided the garage is at least one metre from any boundary, or it is constructed substantially of non-combustible materials.

If you want to convert an integral or attached garage into habitable use, building regulations will normally apply, view specific information for garage conversions.

In many cases, these structures will be exempt from requiring approval under the Building Regulations if they meet certain exemption criteria.

If the Regulations do apply to the building then it must be built to reasonable standards.



Your bespoke design may need Planning Permission - and in some cases Building Control Approval.

We are builders experienced in making these applications and would be happy to do these for you if required.

We use the latest CAD software to present your bespoke design to you in full 3d colour for your approval prior to installation.










Standard timber cladding is  Grade A Siberian Larch.

Siberian Larch is highly valued for its remarkable properties. It is strong and durable, possessing unusually high levels of resin giving the heartwood a natural resistance to decay. With its lustrous golden brown colour and striking grain patterns it has a highly attractive appearance.